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Villa MiKosta:Free WiFi

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  • Private fully enclosed Villa on hillside, panoramic views across valley - approx. 4 km from Sunny Beach with 3 double themed bedrooms - Imperial, Santorini and Venezia, where you can be free to be yourself. Accommodate up to 8 persons
  • Frequent bus service to Sunny Beach (5-10 minutes)
  • 2 Kitchens, 4 toilets (one outside), 1 bath/shower room, 2 shower rooms, 1 outside shower. Lounge area with 55" 3D UHTV. All modern facilities including soap/shower dispensers, towels, tea and coffee facilities, microwaves, oven, hob, dishwasher, log burning central heating, air conditioning, iron, washing line, garden areas
  • 8 x 4 m swimming pool with sunloungers, jacuzzi, parasols, inflatables, pool towels provided
  • Large outside terrace with bar, barbecue, entertainment area with plenty of seating and tables, multigym and stepping machine. Large 1st floor terrace for home cooked meals with fine wines and fantastic views of the sunsets across the panoramic valley beyond
  • Convenient for walks in neighbouring "Kalinata" nature reserve opposite main road and to the village of Kosharitsa
  • Several terraced areas with seating and dining facilities facing west for the fantastic sunsets
  • Certified Health & Medicinal Massage Therapist available on site on extra payment
  • WiFi(150Mb/s)freely available throughout with LED/3D Wireless/Skype/Internet enabled TVs with keyboards and remotes in every bedroom

Gay / Nude Beach (Sunny Beach):

  • The gay beach is located 300 metres from the Pollo Resort Apartment on the other side of the river from the famous Cacao Beach.
  • Coming along the main road through Sunny Beach from Nessebar look out for the large sign marked "Cacao Beach" opposite the Rainbow Complex and Hotel Regatta Palace, go down the road opposite these complexes which leads down to a car park. Cut through the car park to the beach and walk across the river.
  • From the centre of Sunny Beach follow the main road to Nessebar, turn left down the road opposite the "River Park", follow the road to the right, which leads to a pedestrian footpath down to the beach.
  • Behind the beach is an area of sand dunes, where most guys seem to hang out.
  • Frequent bus service to Sunny Beach (5-10 minutes) from the main road.

Nude Beach (Nessebar):

  • The nude beach is located in the area known as "Pyasachni Dunes" just south of Old Nessebar.
  • Coming along the main road south through Sunny Beach, turn right at the roundabout for Nessebar. At the next roundabout (large sign for Nessebar), turn left and follow this new road to the end.
  • Turn left and follow the road until you see a billboard and turn right down this rather bumpy road to its end. You can either park by the Dalyan Akotir Seafood Restaurant or turn left just before and follow the sandy road to the cliff top. Park and follow the footpaths through the sand dunes and down to the beach. The nude beach is directly beneath and is fine and sandy and slopes gently into the sea.
  • It is also good to walk around the headland as this offers superb views of Old Nessebar and Ravda.
  • By bus, the No 3 (Ravda) No 7 (Pomorie) from Sunny Beach and the No 11 (Burgas) from Old Nessebar all pass the entrance to the road on the way to Ravda and beyond.

Time Out Gay/Mixed Club (Sunny Beach):

  • NEW FOR 2021: The only gay club is located just off the main central strip (Flower Street) down to the beach on the right hand side underneath the old Den Glade Viking dance club (see map for details).
  • Opening Party Friday, May 27th 2022 every day from 20.00! Great music and cocktails with Themed Nights!! Closes 17th September 2022.

Nude Beach (Pomorie):

  • The nude beach is located toward the Aheloy end of Lake Pomorie just off the main road between Aheloy and Pomorie. See the map location for details.
  • Further along the beach towards Pomorie, you can cover yourself with medicinal mud from Lake Pomorie, cook for 25 minutes in the sand and then wash it off in the sea..

Club Chameleon Gay Bar (Sunny Beach):

  • The only gay bar is located just outside the Barcelo Royal Beach Shopping Mall, a short walk from Flower Street, turning left at the "Artists" Street and at the end of the Royal Barcelo Hotel turn right. The bar is at the end of this lane just around the corner from the "Red Lion" pub if you happen to come round the other side of the complex. Confusing reports: some say now closed and bankrupt others that it is open from 11 pm until the end fo September 2022!

Non-Sexual Health & Medicinal Massage by Qualified Therapist (Sunny Beach):

  • For those holidaying in Sunny Beach, we offer full body massages. Out visits arranged.
  • +359(0)879 26 24 26 (ENG, FR, DE); +359(0) 879 014 013 (BG, RU, ENG) e-mail: singmen@hotmail.co.uk

Club Chameleon Gay Disco (Burgas):

  • The gay club in Burgas is 37 km away. Well worth a visit. Open all year - Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 23.00 until 4.30. Telephone 0878 18 55 43. Address is ulitsa Mitropolit Simeon 3, 8000 Burgas Centre.

Retail Therapy in the Immediate Vicinity

Sunny Beach is cram packed with retail therapy from designer shops to markets, where you can buy the latest designs at a fraction of the price. Perfect for browsing.

The largest Supermarket, mladost, is just around the corner from Kamelia Gardens. Outside of sunny Beach, there is Janet (Nessebar) and Lidl (Ravda) on the main road to Burgas.

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To Sunny Beach & Kosharitsa

From Sofia/Plovdiv, follow the Trakia Highway to Burgas. At the entrance to Burgas, turn left at the roundabout and follow the road to the next roundabout and again turn left onto the road marked Slanchev Bryag and Varna. Follow the coast road past Burgas Airport, through Pomorie, Atheloy and Ravda.

At the end of the dual carriageway, turn right by Janet Supermarket for the Pollo Resort. For Kamelia Gardens and Villa MiKosta continue on the main Burgas-Varna road.

For the Pollo Resort continue on the road to Nessebar and turn left into Sunny Beach at the main (3rd) roundabout. Follow the road through Sunny Beach until you see Cacao Residence. Turn left and left again at the next junction. Follow the road and turn first right and the reception area of the Pollo Resort is on the right about 100 metres down the road.

For Kamelia Gardens continue along the main road to the first set of traffic lights and turn right. Kamelia Gardens is situated on the left hand side of the road (about 150 metres).

For Villa MiKosta, continue straight through the traffic lights on the main road and turn left at the junction signposted to Kosharitsa. Follow the road up the side of the mountain chain past Hotel Romance and Villa MiKosta is the last villa on the left hand side before the ascent to Kosharitsa.

For those travelling from Sofia, Plovdiv or Burgas airports, airport transfers can easily be arranged prior to your departure.

Car hire facilities can easily be arranged at favourable rates, but careful parking mustbe adhered to both in Sunny Beach and Nessebar due to constantly roaming tow trucks seeking illegal and sometimes legal parking

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